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Massage Therapy

Integrated Massage
A deeply relaxing treatment, blending Swedish, sports, oscillation, lymphatic, orthobionomy and acupressure techniques to release tension, disperse toxins and boost immune system efficiency. Always customized to your bodies specific needs.
60 minutes                                 $75
90 minutes                                 $95

Deep Tissue Massage
This therapeutic, corrective massage works the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissue to release built-up tension in the body.  Deep soothing pressure is applied using slower strokes to release chronic tension and promote relaxation.
60 minutes                                 $85
90 minutes                                 $105

Pre-Natal Massage
Expectant mothers will love this gentle, relaxing bodywork tailored to soothe the discomforts of pregnancy. At a time when massage is needed most, enjoy a side-lying massage designed to ease body pain, improve circulation and bring balance to your being.
60 minutes                                 $75
90 minutes                                 $95

Hot Stone Massage
This massage therapy, derived from ancient techniques, uses various size hot stones to bring about balance and healing in the body. Hot stone therapy produces alternately sedative and re-energizing responses to the body, taking massage to a deep level of penetrating relaxation, warmth and release.
80 minutes                                 $105

Reiki Energy Work
Great for stress reduction, this meditative bodywork gently balances life energies creating a relaxed state of well being to promote natural healing.
60 minutes                                               $90
Combined Reiki/Massage
A therapeutic blend of energy work and massage, this combined approach, balances the energetic body while revitalizing the physical being.

90 minutes                                             $120

Massage Therapy
Bodywork Packages
Bodywork packages are created to support those committed to the benefits that regular Massage Therapy offers.  All packages must be used within 9 months of original purchase date.
Integrated Massage
6 -60 minute sessions                               $375
(purchase 5, receive your 6th for free) 
4- 60 minute sessions                               $280

2- 60 minute sessions                               $135

6- 90 minute sessions                               $475
(purchase 5, receive your 6th for free) 
4- 90 minute sessions                               $345

2- 90 minute sessions                               $175

Deep Tissue Massage
6 -60 minute session                                $425
(purchase 5, receive your 6th for free) 
2 -60 minute session                                $155

Rock 'N' Rub
2- 60 minute Integrated Massages
1- 80 minute Hot Stone Treatment          $235

(add $20 to upgrade from 60 minute Integrated Massage to 90 Minutes)

*All packages and Gift Certificates are final sale and non-refundable but may be transferred